"Voices of Children"
We have been advocating for the rights of children in a war zone since 2015.
Charitable Fund
First the voices of children

Who We Are
Charitable Fund "Voices of Children" grew from the volunteer activities of its founder, Olena Rozvadovska, in the East of Ukraine since 2015. We were engaged in evacuation and emergency assistance to the victims of the fighting on the front line.

Subsequently, we started art therapy for children and helped to establish a psychological care center in Sloviansk. We provided treatment and rehabilitation, found donors for the reconstruction of destroyed housing and helped families daily to overcome the difficulties of life on the front line.

Today, we are accumulating resources to develop services that will help children overcome the trauma of war. We are also working to promote children's rights in order to change the system of protection of children's rights in Ukraine.

Our team works along many villages and towns on the front line.
Our communication team is located in Kyiv and Bonn (Germany).
Our main office is in Sloviansk.

Do you also care about the whole generation of children who fall asleep today to the roar of cannonade, and tomorrow will shape the future of our country?

Join us!
COVID-19: Assistance to Families and Orphanages
Thanks to your donations, we did not just buy food kits for families.

In a situation where there is not enough money for food, there is no work due to quarantine and the war has not stopped – it is important to know you are not alone with your trouble.

Since the beginning of quarantine measures hundreds of families from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which are very limited in finances, received food kits you donated. These are families who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and those where there is a risk that the child will be placed in residential institutions.

Art therapy: helping to cope with anxiety and stress
The Voices of Children Foundation conducts art therapy for those who live in conditions of war. Creativity helps to overcome stress, so we encourage children from the front lines to paint, dance, sculpt, etc.

Most of the time we organize Jungian Serial Drawing. It is a method of emergency psychological care.

Why is that one?
• Helps to cope with stress;
• Prevents from post-traumatic syndrome;
• Activates the healing power of a child's psyche;
• Restores natural needs for growth and development;
• Helps to express and accept feelings of sadness and anger.

This method is special because:
• Short term (10 meetings 1-2 times a week for 45 minutes);
• Safe (the child works at its own pace with adult support);
• Economical (actual costs of drawing materials and specialists only);
• Effective (in-depth working method implies qualitative changes);
• Combines group and individual work (provides additional resources for coping with stress).

Art therapy is one of the safest and most resource-based activities. It has no limits. It is especially suitable for children, who find it difficult to describe their emotions, feelings, fears, helps to reduce stress and cope with anxiety.

Right now, we are running two art therapy classes for children on the front line, in Zolote.

Classes are already started! 20 kids of different ages will do it.

They are happy, and so are we!

The Voices of Children & People in Need: in 2 months, 500 people on Donbass will receive psychosocial support
The Voices of Children Foundation is launching a new project-support within the framework of cooperation with an international organization

The next 2 months we will spend «in the fields» – in populated settlements on the front line in the east of the country. We will provide children and adults with psychosocial support. We also want to know their needs for future support.

A total of 500 adults and children will benefit from the project. We hope that our meetings will help them to take their time away from the military and support them in quarantine and isolation. For this purpose we have planned various creative activities with children and team games in the open air. We will also talk to parents about how to communicate with children under stress, and how to avoid COVID-19.

The project is characterized by the use of various types of psychosocial support:

• art therapy;
• play therapy;
• playing team games with children in the open air, taking into account safety measures;
• conversations with parents on the subject of child-parent relationships under stress;
• providing up-to-date information on the response to the pandemic.

Family visits and communication will take into account the social distance, the availability of masks and regular hand disinfection. The foundation's employees will also be tested for coronavirus.

This project will take place within the framework of our cooperation with the Czech humanitarian organization «People in Need». It provided immediate humanitarian assistance to the local citizens immediately after the outbreak of war in Eastern Ukraine. The organization is now helping to sustain the affected population.

The project was made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) within the framework of the project «Information campaign to raise awareness of the work of specialists of auxiliary professions in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, to form their positive image through the history of real people», which is implemented by The Voices of Children Charitable Foundation in cooperation with the international organization «People in Need».
«Place of Strength» for children in Lysychansk
«Place of Strength» is an unusual playground for children from the Lysychansk Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation. The children will be able to exercise, attend educational events, inhale and feel differently there – happier and more confident.

The idea and realization of the project – Dobrodiy Club Charitable Foundation.
Project initiator and financial support – Winner Group Ukraine.
The creative concept of the project – Katia Tailor and Port.agency.
Assistance and support of the project in Eastern Ukraine – The Voices of Children Charitable Foundation.

In the Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation there are not only children with difficult living conditions, but also deep psychological trauma – war, violence and the loss of parents.

The project is underway.
Video stories about front line children
Arsenii has never been to a cafe. And in a real cinema at a cartoon show. The boy lives in the Pivnichne Village, which is a few kilometres from the front. He never plays with his peers, but he always sticks with his elders.

Arsenii is brave, inquisitive, knows how to make an omelet and is not afraid of anything. Unless he is always too worried about his parents when there is a shooting nearby.

«When there is a shooting, I run home. I think that our apartment can be shot», – tells Arsenii.

Listen to what the six-year-old boy, living near the war, says here:

Aliona from Toretsk is a local star who holds concerts in the courtyard for friends and neighbors. She likes to be the center of attention, and she likes to play hide and seek. The girl knows all the secret places to hide from the bombings.

For most of her life, eight-year-old Aliona has been living in a state of war. Even though she is used to the shelling, she prays every time they start shooting. It helps – and the shooting stops.

Here is a video about Aliona: t.ly/oByh

Artem is a little boy, but very, very brave. Inside he is like a tiger who will always defend his territory. He is only seven years old, and he is ready to jump into a fight if he sees injustice. A mini-warrior like that.

He happens to be friends and plays with the older kids. There is not a lot of peers left in town.

For the last few years, the windows in Artem's room have been covered with heavy wooden spires, as his house is in Zaitzeve, right at the front line.

The sleepers protect from bullets, but they do not protect from sounds. So Artem came up with a method to distract himself from the automatic gunfires and the rattling.

Look what he says about it: https://t.ly/MKl5

Diana can talk for hours about her piano and loves studying. So much that even sitting in the basement for a month because of the shelling, she continued to learn English.

Diana still dreams of war sometimes, but she finds the strength to cope with this fear. That is what psychologists help her with.

In memory of those times, the girl had a candle that was lit in the basement. Diana gave it to us. Hopefully, the girl will not need it anymore.

Listen to her story and how she plays: t.ly/k47y

Sofia has never been to the sea. The girl is 8 years old, she was born and lives in Avdiivka. Even though the city is war-torn, she still loves it.

Sofia is always smiling and kind to others. She loves to study, dreams to fly over Ukraine and see sea waves.

Listen to her story: t.ly/WBy0

To be continued...

Targeted assistance to families with children
Vasyl is a superdad. He is raising five kids by himself two of whom are in first grade this year. There are days before school starts, and the kids cannot wait to sit at the desk. The future first grader Karina boasts that she can already count to 10 and knows the alphabet: «A, B, C, J...».

Vasyl works as a miner in the Zolote, and his salary of 6,000 UAH is barely enough for food for a large family. Now he has to get the kids to school – so he needs clothes, shoes, stationery. Although

Vasyl is a super-dad, he cannot do it without all of us.

There are dozens of families under the care of fund just like that. Thanks to your donations, we help families cope with life's challenges.

«War leaves invisible wounds»: there is a unique centre for psychological recovery in Donetsk region
The centre «PROMYR» in Sloviansk works since 2017. During this time more than 400 children and teenagers, as well as about 2,000 adults received qualified psychological assistance from specialists of the center, reports IA «Vchasno».

There are practically no similar centres for psychological recovery in Donetsk or Luhansk regions: there are no such a number of specialists and resources. Visitors are given both group and individual sessions.

There are ten specialists on our team. There is a sensory room for children and adults, which is needed for processing traumatic experience, there is a separate room for sandtherapy and dance-motor therapy, an office for individual therapy, a conference hall», – Tetiana Aslanian, the head of the «PROMYR», tells.

The idea of creating such a place came in 2015, when the problem of access of the inhabitants of the region to qualitative psychological support became very acute.

«Five years ago, Tetiana Aslanian and I met in the front city Mironovsky. It was just when the fighting at Debaltseve was over, and it was still literally smoking, – the chairman of the board of The Voices of Children Charitable Foundation Olena Rozvadovska shares. – ...on the contrary we understood how important it is for people to provide psychological support – it was such a first step for creation of centre».

Among the main problems faced by professionals are fear, tremor, anxiety, bad sleep, urination, stuttering in children and unstable psychoemotional state, psychosomatic in adults.

A group of like-minded people managed to open the centre thanks to grant support from organizations from different parts of the world. Its creation was supported financially by Mercy Corps, PAX, VNGinternational, initiative of Pope Francis «Pope for Ukraine», Norwegian Refugee Council, UNICEF. The Sloviansk City Council also supports «PROMYR» – it has provided premises for the centre and has concluded agreements on the relevant cooperation.

Read the publication of IA «Vchasno» in full: http://surl.li/fiar

From Crimea to the East: food aid for families in partnership with ASTEM Foundation
In a situation when there is not enough money for food, there is no work because of the quarantine and the war has not stopped – it is important to know that you are not alone with your trouble.

One hundred families from the east of Ukraine, where hostilities continue, will receive food kits. These are families that are on the verge of survival. All thanks to the support and friendly shoulder of the Crimean Tatars with the ASTEM Foundation. They are the ones that helped us buy these kits.

Ukraine is United!


Ukrainanıñ cenk ketken şarq qısmında yaşağan daa 100 qoranta aşayt mahsulatınen teminlenecek. Bu qorantalar zor alğa qaldılar.

Qorantalarğa ASTEM Foundationdan qırımtatarları tarafından yardım keldi. İlle olarnıñ maddiy qoltutuvı ile aşayt mahsulatları satın alınmaqta

Ukraina - birdir!
To extinguish the problems of 10 families affected by mass fires in Luhansk region in 10 days
Mass fires in Luhansk region left hundreds of families homeless, destroying all their property acquired over the years.

Katheryna Anisimivna from Muratove village is 65 years old, 42 of which she worked at the school as a math teacher, running from lesson to lesson. Today she is forced to run every night to the neighbors to spend the night. As a result of devastating fires in Luhansk region, she lost everything.

The house, the yard, all stuff burned down. But the most painful thing for the woman was to lose the computer where she had her notes for a new textbook in mathematics.

The teacher prepares the chicken coop to settle there temporarily. She does not want to leave her village and school, to which she has devoted all her life, but wintering in a chicken coop is not an option. To rent an apartment is way too expensive for woman.

Psychological trauma was added to all the troubles. Katheryna Anisimivna had a hard time surviving the fire, because everything she and her husband had been earning carefully for years (her husband died six years ago) burned down in front of her eyes. She began to stutter and cry every time she remembers what she went through.

The fires in Luhansk region were extinguished, but the problems of the victims remained.

We can't stay away, together with you we have to help Katheryna Anisimovna and others.

We have taken care of 10 families affected by the fires and we ask for your help.

Here are the needs of Katheryna Anisimovna:
- UAH 30,310 - rent an apartment with an adult son in Severodonetsk for six months to spend the winter in warm place
- phone and computer to continue working
- psychologist (we are looking for free help)

Needs for the other 10 families:
- wood boards and building materials
- shovels, wheelbarrow, rake, cover-up, construction tools
- electrical appliances - kettles, electric stove, microwave
- mattresses and home furniture
- household utensils and winter clothes.

Our goal is to solve the problems of 10 families in 10 days.

It's easy to help. Join!
"Mobile psychologists" - a program of psychological care to children from orphanages in Luhansk and Donetsk regions.
The purpose of the program: to provide psychological care to children who had traumatic experience with their parents, and as a result of parental abuse of alcohol, drugs, violence, including sexual, ignoring the basic needs of children, neglecting parental responsibilities, etc. were placed in orphanages.

Peculiarities of geography: Luhansk and Donetsk regions have been separated by the front line for more than six years. Many children witnessed hostilities and were evacuated or temporarily relocated. Most of the social infrastructure that could work for the benefit of families remained in the territory not controlled by the Ukrainian Government. Mines in the cities were closed, the industry that once fed the whole region has stopped, and there is a high level of unemployment and social unrest.

Our video about this program http://t.ly/i9td

What is the main problem?

In orphanages children experience loss. No matter what the family they had. Parents will be good for the child, because by protecting them, children protect themselves. They are taught from childhood to meet their own needs: to look for food, to arrange life, to take care of younger siblings. In such families, siblings have a very strong attachment to each other. Unfortunately, sisters and brothers are often separated in different orphanages - and this is a huge trauma. Children often accuse themselves of being in an orphanage. They also have a lot of anger and resentment towards relatives and close ones. But they "can not be angry" (we are taught from childhood to suppress such emotions, forbid them), and then the feelings begin to unfold on themselves. As a result, children may harm themselves. Most of them, without the professional support of a psychologist, can follow in the footsteps of their parents and then their children end up in orphanages.

What does working with a psychotherapist give?

- Opportunity to express yourself and pour out the accumulated emotions
- Opportunity to find a resource to experience loss and separation
- Building trust, working with deception and betrayal
- Formation of new value systems, first of all in order not to repeat destructive models of behavior of the parents
- The psychotherapist becomes an example of an adult who can be relied on (like a crutch with a broken leg)
- Preparing for life in a new family

The program currently includes ten children for whom we plan to provide psychotherapy for the whole year. In the next few months, we plan to include 20 more children in the program.

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Program "Mobile Psychologists"

* Includes payment for the work of a psychotherapist, coordinator and logistic costs

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Our team
Lena Rozvadovska
Chairwoman of the Foundation
Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be an adult in order to be independent and to change the world one day. I remember how surprised I was when I realized that I had never heard of my rights as a child. I had no idea that I had a right to respect and protection as a child. From my personal experience, it is easy for me to understand children who are not heard and are wronged. I have talked to thousands of children in orphanages, juvenile detention centers, hospitals, schools - and I know very well whom I am protecting. I have spent the last five years in a war zone also for this purpose - to know and understand who these children with wartime experience are, and what I can change for them. Giving children more care, love and understanding, is not that going to change the world? :)
Azad Safarov
Deputy Chairman of the Foundation, co-founder
Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a director and make movies. And it just so happens that when I started making movies, I was back in my childhood. Whereas we are filming mostly children living on the front line. At one point, I realized that it was not enough to film and show problems only. We have to make concrete changes. That is why we decided to create the Foundation and to help war-affected children.
Olya Voitovych
Communication Manager, Video Editor
When I was a child, I dreamed of being a queen but I became a defender of the children and animals' rights. And I am not sorry! Giving a voice to those who cannot defend themselves is my primary mission. And the crown will wait.
Liudmyla Romanenko
Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a schoolteacher. And then in med school, I was interested in psychology, in particular why people are so different, why medicaments do not always help them, why they have more psychological problems when they had a hard childhood. And those two dreams came true - I worked for 17 years as a school psychologist. Since the beginning of the war, living on the front line, I have understood that helping children and adults during this difficult period is my assignment. That is why I have worked as a critical psychologist for 6 years in many projects and since August started working with "Voices of Children" Charitable Foundation.
Olia Vovk
Local coordinator
I grew up in a soldiers' family, and I guess it is weird that I have taken the creative route in my life. Children in the kindergarten, classmates - almost all of them were children of soldiers. We often played "war", ruthlessly shot at each other from different sides of gazebo, and the wounded were carried to a sandbox "hospital", and we had a first-class weapon - sticks.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in relatively peaceful times. But the thought that there are children in my country for whom my childhood fear has become a reality haunted me. So I decided to move to Donetsk region and paint, create something with children, distract them from the war. I have been living and working in Svitlodarsk for three years.

Elvina Seitbullaeva
Project coordinator
When I was a child, after returning to our historical homeland, to Crimea, I did not miss the Crimean Tatar news and dreamed of becoming a journalist. By God's will, I became a journalist. This profession gives me the opportunity to deal with the stories of people, of children who need our support. Due to the annexation of Crimea by Russia, hundreds of children were left without parental care. Their parents are arrested for decades because of their religious and political beliefs. In the 21st century, against the backdrop of repression, these children are orphaned with living parents.
Natalia Shcheglyuk
Local coordinator
Hi! I am Natalia. On a beautiful autumn day, I was fortunate enough to be born in a loving family where children were brought up with love and care. There are five of kids in our family. Living in my home paradise, I thought everyone lived in this way. But one day, when I was still a schoolgirl, I heard that a girl wanted to run away from home because her parents were treating her badly. For me, it was wild. After a while, the girl did ran away from home, and a few days later, she was found dead. Since then, I have decided to look for answers to the needs of abused children. So when the war came on the Ukrainian Donbas, I could not sit by. And I have been living in Toretsk for six years.
Sasha Kuptsova
As an elder daughter and sister, I often had to not only do, but be responsible for a lot of things. Fortunately, such responsibilities have not lessened the love either for two younger brothers, or for children at all. Moreover, due to my brothers, the seed of sisterly love for all kids fell on my heart. That is why I am in the "Voices of Children", where everyone is united by a desire to give a chance at happiness and development for children from the occupied East of Ukraine.
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